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Gurgaon Academy provides academic coaching to students to enhance their academic skills, gain confidence, discover motivation, and improve performance in their test examination. Our academic coaching students usually schedule classes twice or thrice weekly depending on their individual need. Academic coaching is available year round for any subject, any level

We at Gurgaon Academy follow some fundamental principles which encourage contact between students and faculty. We always try to develop reciprocity and cooperation among students to encourage active learning. We are very prompt in giving feedback. Our faculties, trainers, mentors, tutors, teachers and professionals are very punctual and they emphasize time on task. We respect diverse talents and ways of learning at our institute.

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We set common goals for academic coaching to deliver our best. We develop study skills, prepare students for tests and reduce anxiety. We focus and improve time management skills. We encourage the students, motivate them and help them to learn self-discipline and self-efficacy.

At our coaching centre Gurgaon Academy you meet with an academic skills coach who will observe your strategies and techniques, suggest changes to your approach, and provide encouragement as you implement new ways of learning.

Gurgaon Academy is Learner-centred teaching institute/coaching centre that encourages collaboration. It sees classrooms (online or face-to-face) as communities of learners. Learner-centred teachers recognize, and research consistently confirms, that students can learn from and with each other. Certainly the teacher has the expertise and an obligation to share it, but teachers can learn from students as well. Learner-centred teachers work to develop structures that promote shared commitments to learning. They see learning individually and collectively as the most important goal of any educational experience. Learner-centred teaching motivates students by giving them some control over learning processes.

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About Our Teachers

Our teachers have an engaging personality and teaching style which holds the attention of students in all discussions. They have clear objectives for lessons and work hard to meet those specific objectives during each class. Our teachers have effective discipline skills and promote positive behaviours and change in the classroom. Our trainers understand the importance of good classroom management skills that can ensure good student behaviour, effective study and work habits, and an overall sense of respect in the classroom. Teachers at Gurgaon Academy maintain open communication with parents and keeps them informed of what is going on in the classroom as far as curriculum, discipline, and other issues. They make themselves available for phone calls, meetings, and email. Our professional trainers and faculties are highly educated and well experienced in delivering classroom coaching. Here at Gurgaon Academy teachers have incredible knowledge of the subject matter they are teaching. They are prepared to answer questions and keep the material interesting for the students. Our teachers and faculty members have “Passion for Children and Teaching”. A great teacher is passionate about teaching and working with children. They are excited about influencing students’ lives and understand the impact they have. A great teacher develops a strong rapport with students and establishes trusting relationships.

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Classroom Coaching

We have well qualified, experienced and trained language professionals and teaching faculties. We provide result oriented and experienced classroom coaching/home tutors for all classes all subjects for all levels and all grades. We arrange Group/Class Room Coaching for

  • Classes:-IV,V,VI,VII,VIII,IX,X,XI,XII & Higher Level
  • Subjects:-Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Bio, English and All
  • Competitions:-SSC,SSB,BANK PO/Clerks, Delhi Police, CPO
  • Syllabus:-IBDP(HL/SL),IGCSE,ICSE,ISC,CBSE, A/AS/A2 Level
  • Languages:-Hindi, English, French, German, Spanish
  • Spoken Classes:- Hindi, English, French, German, Spanish

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Our highly selected, experienced and qualified Teachers provide the best tutoring solutions of any academic need. You can begin the registration process online or telephone 99996 50006, 99996 40006 for a no obligation consultation to explore how group or personal tutoring at Gurgaon Academy can make a difference for you, your family or organisation. Gurgaon Academy provides best coaching and tutoring help to students or group of students.

Join online revision classes for IB Diploma Course Maths HL SL India New Delhi

Home Tutoring

We provide dynamic, result oriented Tutoring/Coaching for students of all the reputed schools like American Embassy School, British School, G D Goenka World School, Pathways International, Scottish High, Banyan Tree, The Shri Ram School Aravali, Modern School, DPS Schools, Lancers International School, Ryan International, Vasant Valley, Suncity World School, DAV Schools and all other schools located in the NCR regions of Gurgaon, New Delhi. We are also available for libraries, companies, individuals, schools or other organizations.


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