Why Learn German?

  • German is the most widely spoken language in Europe
  • Germany has the 3rd strongest economy and is the #1 export nation in the world
  • Knowing German creates business opportunities
  • Enjoyment of literature, music, art and philosophy
  • Germans are innovators
  • The global career
  • Germans are the biggest spenders of tourist dollars in the world
  • The German presence on the Internet supersedes most others
  • Germans form the largest single heritage group in the U.S
  • 1 in 10 books in the world is published in German
  • German-speaking countries have a rich cultural heritage
  • Tourism and hospitality industry
  • German is not as hard as you think
  • Science and Research
  • Opportunities to study/work in Germany
  • German is required or recommended by many undergraduate and graduate programs
  • Germany financially sponsors over 60,000 international exchanges each year

The most spoken language in the European Union, German is (perhaps unsurprisingly) a Germanic language and part of the Indo-European linguistic family. It has approximately 120 million native speakers–primarily in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland where it is an official language but also in Russia, Kazakhstan, Romania, Brazil, the United States, and others. As the old saying goes, German is a language of Dichter und Denker (poets and thinkers). And apparently German is also the language of fairy tales: the most comprehensive dictionary of German words continues to be the Brothers Grimm’s first dictionary, written in the mid-19th century.

Learn German Language : Read-Write-Speak German at Gurgaon Academy of Languages

Want to join German Language Course at Gurgaon Academy:

Program Highlights

Gurgaon Academy is among the earliest recommended Languages-learning institutions situated in Gurgaon NCR India. It offers short-term language courses for learning German, Spanish, French, English, Hindi, and Japanese. The Academy is committed to students’ overall linguistic development.

Tailored German courses to meet different needs.

Program Description

The short-term German learners who come to join language course are mainly working people, University Students, Professionals working in MNCs, Housewives or business owners. We form a  small group of maximum 10 people in any batch for the language course. We focus mainly on the spoken part. We emphasize on “how to speak in the German language”.

Duration: 2.5 Months (10 weeks)

Days and Timing: Classes are held on weekends (Saturday & Sunday) between 9:00am-4:00 pm.Each class session will last for about 1.5-2 hours approximately. If the class is taken only on Sunday then it would be of longer duration for about 3 hrs in one stretch.


It is short-term beginner level/basic course mainly focused on Spoken/Conversation part.

 Medium of Instruction: English

Qualifications: Anyone who understands English well

Course Fee:  INR 14,000(Fourteen Thousand Rupees)

If you have any query please Contact  Us

Call us: 99996 50006, 99996 40006



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    1. i want to do a basic course of german language so that i am able to read and speak german language. Appreciate if i can be taught on weekends

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