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Does your organization have?

  • Employees with literacy problems?
  • Employees from non-English speaking backgrounds?
  • Employees from non-Hindi speaking backgrounds?
  • Employees who require better communication skills?
  • Employees undertaking workplace training or further study?
  • Employees who want to learn new languages like:-Hindi, English, French, German, Spanish, Sankrit, Italian, Mandarin, Japanese or any other?
  • Employees who want to improve their personality and skills

Gurgaon Academy is able to provide individually tailored or group programs to help improve your staff productivity and performance. Please Contact us to discuss your needs or call us: 99996 50006, 99996 40006

We Provide best Educational Services at Corporate Level

Gurgaon Academy’s mission is to help people regardless of ability, age or background to realise their goals for the future through the support of the highest quality tutoring and coaching services in Gurgaon.We aim to help all students achieve their potential by giving them encouragement, understanding and individualized attention. We aim to solve unsolved problems distinctly in an innovative manner.

We strive to raise our students’ aspiration and achievement levels by infusing them with enthusiasm for the subject, self-confidence, motivation and direction.

Our mission is to promote the fundamentals of any subject, with an emphasis on participation, education, involvement, and fun.

English for Corporate Training

Excellent English is essential in organisations that communicate internationally. Improved communication skills make work teams more effective, and allow employees to achieve their potential. To help meet the demand for higher level English in the workplace, Gurgaon Academy offers general and business English, communication skills training. To unleash the potential of employees and workforce this course is very useful.

For every organisation it is very essential to focus on soft skills training and communication skills so as to increase productivity to boost up profit. We have rich experience of delivering In-Company English language courses. We are reputed for providing tailored and effective English language and Soft Skills corporate training across a broad range of organisations in Delhi, Gurgaon and other parts of India. Group and individual executive coaching courses can be taken on the organisation’s premises or at our purpose-built centre in Gurgaon.

Why English for Corporate Training required

Language and cultural barriers are becoming increasingly challenging as companies expand their operations globally, hire talent from overseas, and attempt to form professional relationships with international business partners. English for corporate training is required because it helps to

  • Improve in-house communication, efficiency and productivity.
  • Increase staff confidence and maximize professional skills.
  • Enhance staff-client relationships and business opportunities.
  • Reduce conflict and bias in the workplace.

Our corporate trainers can help you or your staff obtain the language skills necessary to succeed in the global marketplace. Gurgaon Academy Corporate Training offers language instruction to optimize business communication with colleagues, clients and partners both locally and overseas.

Gurgaon Academy helps companies analyse the English language skills needed by their staff. After a consultation session, we review and discuss the best training programme for your company’s specific needs. We deliver tailored and comprehensive English training which focuses not only on your company’s objectives but also on your staff’s language needs. We are dedicated to producing quality courses which lead to positive goal-orientated results.


  • Convenient Location
  • Flexible timings
  • Classroom with A/C condition
  • Flexible Convenient Days
  • Highly experienced trainers
  • Highly designed Course materials
  • Experienced, approachable, and knowledgeable trainers
  • Tailored training courses to meet each client’s requirements

Get ready for IELTS and TOEFL: Want to score well in IELTS and TOEFL, Come to the right place to prepare for these examination and check out your language proficiency.

To join our English language courses in New Delhi and Gurgaon, please leave your contact details here.

It is important that the young learner must always be accompanied by an adult while coming to sit for a test, counselling, registration and for classes.

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Telephone: +91 99996 50006

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