French Course

COURSE LEVELS for the French language at GURGAON ACADEMY

    • 6-course levels for French courses
    • Each level with about 8-12 weeks syllabus
    • From absolute beginner to advanced
    • The teacher decides whether a student may proceed to the next level
    • Weekly tests
    • Switching levels mid-course is possible after consulting the teacher


We offer the following levels of French courses.

As per the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages(CEFR)

The European Framework provides a unified basis for language learning across Europe. In six standardized levels, it describes the skills a learner has at each step of the way.

There are six levels of language proficiency and these different levels are each described below:

  • Level A1 – Beginner / Breakthrough
    The learner is able to understand, communicate and otherwise exchange simple information in the language. As an example, they will be able to ask basic questions in a restaurant and understand basic answers to those questions, as long as the other person speaks slowly and is willing to help. They will also be able to use common phrases.
  • Level A2 – Elementary / Way Stage
    The learner is able to understand and cope with simple sentences and starts to be able to take part in actual conversations about basic, routine, relevant topics. For instance, they will be able to describe, in simple terms, their background, or ask for help in familiar situations.
  • Level B1 – Intermediate / Threshold
    The learner can express themselves reasonably well in familiar situations. In addition, they are able to cope more generally with non-routine information and less familiar topics and can explain opinions or describe experiences.
  • Level B2 – Upper Intermediate / Vantage
    The learner can cope with a range of different topics and is sufficiently equipped to achieve most of their language goals and handle the most common situations. For example, they will now be able to give detailed descriptions of things, write clear, detailed text, or show someone around.
  • Level C1 – Advanced / Effective Operational Proficiency
    The learner can fluently express ideas, can cope effectively even with unfamiliar topics and is able to demonstrate a grasp of concepts like sensitivity and appropriateness. At this level, they will be able to confidently handle hostile questioning and will have a strong sense of more subtle aspects of language, such as when it is their turn to speak.
  • Level C2 – Mastery
    The learner can understand almost anything, can use language to good effect and can cope with academic, advanced or otherwise challenging texts. They are able to scan texts and pick out relevant content and can read at a level and speed similar to that of a native speaker.

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