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Gurgaon Academy offers a Live Online Tutoring service delivered by highly experienced and qualified Delhi-Gurgaon-based tutors. The service enables students from anywhere in India, UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Gulf Countries, Abu dhabi, Dubai, Oman, Muscat, Spain, Sweden, France, Scotland, England etc to have access to the India’s leading private home online tutors.

IGCSE IB Maths Physics Coaching Centre Tutorial Classes Institute Academy in Gurgaon Looking Searching for grade 11 class 12 Home Tutor for IB Maths HL SL in DLF Gurgaon Delhi India

Live Online Tutoring is a useful way; when a tutor and student, who are not in the same location, use the Internet to teach and learn remotely. The tutor communicates real-time with the student using Skype (Voice over Internet), webcam (enabling tutor and student to view one another), e-mail, and interactive whiteboard. Tutors and students can, therefore, interact in a fun and dynamic learning environment, choosing individually tailored combinations of the online tools which best help the student achieve his or her academic goals.

Gurgaon Academy’s team of Live Online tutors are highly experienced and trained to deliver Live Online Tutoring Services across the globe. Our Live Online tutors have also been carefully selected from the highest performing tutors across the country. They have established track records of tutoring students online and bring the best of the highly regarded education system and the National Curriculum to students throughout the world.

Looking Searching for grade 11 class 12 Home Tutor for IB Maths HL SL in DLF Gurgaon Delhi India

Why choose Live Online Tutoring?

  • It’s Effective. As effective as face-to-face tuition.
  • It’s Convenient. Student can access their tutor and have lessons anywhere.
  • It’s Flexible. The time is used according to the students’ needs and wherever the student happens to be – home, school, university, friend’s house or travelling.
  • It’s Simple. All you need is a broadband connection and a webcam (ideal).
  • It’s Safe and time saving
  • It’s Fun. Many young people prefer live online tuition (to Face-to-Face) due to their life-long familiarity with computers.

Looking Searching for grade 11 class 12 Home Tutor for IB Maths HL SL in DLF Gurgaon Delhi India

Live Online Tutoring is available in most academic subjects and is suitable for children, adult or older. For further information, please telephone +91 99996 40006, 99996 50006 or click here to complete an online enquiry form.

Online Tutoring for IB Diploma Subjects:

Our International Baccalaureate (IB) tutors are experienced in the International Baccalaureate curriculum and able to meet the challenges of tutoring International Baccalaureate. So if your child is having difficulties in any particular area or simply needs to build confidence our International Baccalaureate tuition will be able to help.

Most importantly, our tutors help students take ownership for their learning, with the goal of making your child an independent and successful math student. Our tutors will help students doing IB Diploma course for Physics HL/SL, Mathematics HL, Maths SL ,Math Studies.

Looking for ib physics SL HL home tutor coaching classes institute in gurgaon

We provide online tutoring service for different subjects from IGCSE,GCSE, IB Diploma, CBSE,ISC Courses.

We have result oriented qualified Private Online Home Tutors


Need IGCSE Physics Tutoring Coaching in Gurgaon for Physics 

IGCSE Subjects:

Maths Physics Chemistry English Economics Business Studies


IB Diploma Subjects:

Maths Physics Chemistry (HL SL)

need coaching class learning help in maths ib diploma in gurgaon new delhi india

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