The SUBJECT SAT scores no doubt add muscle to a student’s profile. All schools do not require these scores and nor do all courses. All the same, it has become quite common for students to take 2 or 3 SUBJECT SAT tests either to compensate for their SAT scores or to augment them. The most common SAT SUBJECTS are Physics, Chemistry, Math Level I and Biology, with American Literature quickly gaining ground.

Gurgaon Academy’s SAT Subject Test Prep Courses

  • SAT Subject Test – Math Level 1
  • SAT Subject Test – Math Level 2
  • SAT Subject Test – Biology
  • SAT Subject Test – Physics
  • SAT Subject Test – Chemistry

What are the SAT Subject Tests?

While almost every college requires the SAT (formerly called the SAT I exam or SAT Reasoning Test) for admission, many of the more competitive colleges (like Harvard, Princeton, Stanford, MIT, etc.) also require another set of exams called the SAT Subject Tests (formerly called the SAT II exams). The SAT Subject Tests are one-hour tests in specific disciplines such as the sciences, foreign languages, history, math, and literature.

The SAT Subject Tests are given the same day as the SAT. Since each test is one-hour long, you can take up to three exams on one test date. For the Ivy League schools, the SAT Subject Tests are almost as important as the SAT for admissions. In addition, for many public colleges, the SAT Subject Tests are used for placement purposes.

SAT Subject Test Courses we offer

Gurgaon Academy offers classroom and online 1-on-1 and group courses for the following SAT Subject Tests. Each Subject Test Course has 15 classes of 2 hours each (30 hours total) and two full-length practice tests per subject.

  • Math Level I
  • Math Level II
  • Biology
  • Physics
  • Chemistry

Gurgaon Academy offers custom group courses in Gurgaon locations. We also arrange one-on-one class in our centre and in online mode. Our tutors are also available for home tutoring in certain locations in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Faridabad NCR regions of India. We offer quality SAT 2 Subject Test coaching that ensures students get the best possible preparation.

Our Faculty

Our Trainers at Gurgaon Academy are recognizable by their passion for good, smart teaching methodology and yet each trainer is an entity with his or her own very distinctive personality as a trainer. That makes for a team – a group for which the ideology of the organization is paramount but so is individual expertise. Each member of our team prioritizes interaction with clients/students and ensures providing very flexible solutions to individual problems. Trainers are extremely communicative and student friendly and this makes for very engaging and productive classes.

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