How To Become An IB / IGCSE Teacher In India

How To Become An IB / IGCSE Teacher In India

How To Become An IB / IGCSE Teacher In India

Being a teacher comprises not only being a master in your subject area but also having the skill to deliver the knowledge effectively to the students in the classroom. The correct guidance provided by a teacher and his/her creativity in teaching is what differentiates one from the other. But first let us understand what an IB and IGCSE board is.


IB is the abbreviation for a very well-known international board, International Baccalaureate. It is a school system which is recognized internationally and comprises three types of educational programmes, such as – The primary years’ programme(Kindergarten – Class 5), The middle years’ programme (Class 6 – Class 10), The diploma programme (Class 11 to Class 12). Schools which are recognized by the IB organization are known as IB World Schools and there are 18 IB World Schools in India. JBCN International School also has an IBDP Programme.


IGCSE is the abbreviation for The International General Certificate of Secondary Education. It is an English language curriculum which is offered to students to prepare them for IB, A-level and BTEC Level 3. This comprises of three educational programmes such as – Cambridge Primary (5-11 years old), Cambridge Secondary 1 (11-14 years old) and Cambridge secondary 2 (14-16 years old). JBCN International School In Oshiwara is one of the Best IGCSE Schools In Mumbai.

One of the basic differences between the two boards is that IB is an educational framework and IGCSE is a functional curriculum based on the English national curriculum. IB board is more practical, focusing on the student’s interests. On the other hand, the IGSCE board seems to be more theoretical; the students are guided a lot by the teachers.

Parents tend to choose IB/ IGCSE board for their children as it has been marked that the students often perform better, think independently, and take part in programmes which could lead them to few high ranking universities in the world. Choosing the right board for your child can have a great impact on their career in the long run!

How To Become An IB/ IGCSE Teacher In India:

How To Become An IB/ IGCSE Teacher

1) Types Of IB Certifications For Teachers

The IB certificate in teaching and learning and the IB advanced certificate in teaching and learning research are two types of certificates offered by the IB program and they are referred to as IB Awards. A teacher can get both the certificates. For the IB certificate in teaching and learning, the teacher must specify the IB Programme for which it is to be used (primary, middle or diploma program).

2) Eligibility

To earn an IB certificate, there are three requirements. Firstly, you should possess a teaching license. Secondly, you must have completed a graduate degree program in the subject area you desire to teach and lastly, you must have at least three years of experience as a classroom teacher.

However, for those seeking the advanced teaching and learning research certificate, require additional requirements which include having taught for 5 years at least as an IB teacher out of which 3 years teaching the same IB courses in a single school.

3) Earning A Certificate

One of the first steps to earn a certificate is to enroll for a course of study at an approved university for seeking the IB certificate. There are various universities which offer an online course for the aspiring IB teachers who don’t have the universities nearby.

The workshops are designed in a manner to introduce the teachers with IB principles and how to implement it in the classroom. After you have successfully completed the course, you have to officially

register for the certificate by filling the registration form and paying the registration fee required. This form should be submitted within one month of completion of the course.

There are various institutes which provide a course for seeking the IB certificate, according to your preference, you may select one which offers online courses if the institutes are not nearby you.

Some of the well-known institutes are Indus Training and Research Institute, The Hans India and Deccan Chronicle. For more information on good teaching, check out our blog on “Benefits of a good teacher”.

4) Qualities That Make You An IB/ IGCSE Teacher


“IB teachers themselves are lifelong learners who aim to develop the same keen interest in their students”. The approach of IB teachers towards their students includes creativity, openness, and flexibility which makes them distinctive than other teachers. They approach the whole student with inquiry-based instruction and the intention of shaping their students into socially responsible citizens.

IGCSE teachers are confident in their teaching and engage every student present; they are also responsible for themselves and responsive to others at the same time.

They have to be enthusiastic while working with young people, flexible, with global awareness and much to offer. They should be actively involved in academics and extra-curricular activities. And most importantly they must want to develop professionally and are life long learners.

Once you have earned an IB/ IGCSE certificate from a university, the next step is applying for a job to help shape children’s careers! Surf on the internet and look for any openings for a job as an IB/IGCSE teacher and send in your resume. Various Indian job sites can come in handy while searching for a job, such as or Monster.

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